Action Points

Imagine you are in the final clash with the warlord you have been hunting for the past six sessions, desperate to take him down. It is between you and him, and each of you could only take one more hit. To your misfortune, the enemy is next in battle. He brings his bastard sword up for an overhand chop, preparing to cut you down in front of your allies. As the sword comes down on you, survival and adrenaline kick in and you dodge just barely out of the way. You are able to shrug off a little bit of damage and survive to take him down.

Action Points (or AP) are a tool for the players, one that will aid them in their journey.

  • the size of your AP pool is 5. the size of your AP pool can change throughout the game.
  • AP can be spent once per round as a swift action. if you use it outside of your turn, you will have spent the swift action of your next turn.
  • AP can be earned in multiple ways. great roleplaying, exemplary feats, and taking risks will earn your character AP. note that your character cannot exceed the AP pool limit unless specified.
  • At the end of every session, the group will gather together to hand out AP. A player may earn up to four AP in one session through the end session rewards.

Playing against your character – If you make a decision in the game that is counter to what your character believes, and you let everyone know about it through your performance of your character, you earn 1 AP.

MVP – The MVP award goes to the player who made the crucial contribution so that the party can complete its mission. The group as a whole decides who gets the AP for being MVP. Only one player per session can be the MVP.

Workhorse – Sometimes, one player carries the group through a lot of tough stuff. His character has all the right skills, and he makes all the rolls to keep things moving. The workhorse award is for him, and he gains an AP. The group decides who is the workhorse for the session. You cannot be both MVP and workhorse. Only one player per session can be the workhorse.

Embodiment – This reward is for the player who best embodied his character during the game. Were they convincingly angry, emotional, or joyous? It’s also for the player who used his abilities in a compelling manner—both for and against. The group decides who is worthy of this reward. It can be awarded to more than one player, but it cannot be awarded to everyone. If no one captured their character during this session, this award does not have to be given out.

  • one cannot use AP when unconscious or when under effects that one loses awareness or the ability to perform functions i.e. mind-affecting spells, poisons, etc.

AP can be used to:

  • add 1d6 to an ability check, skill check, saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll. note that this damage is not multiplied during a critical hit
  • heal Xd6 of your own HP, X being the amount of AP you spend. you cannot heal others using AP.
  • negate Xd6 damage from an enemy attack, X being the amount of AP you spend
  • use all five AP at one time to automatically succeed on any dice roll, barring GM exceptions.

Action Points

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