Deck of Many Things

Standard Deck of Many Things Artifact


The Deck of Many Things is a potentially powerful and dangerous artifact. It is said that only one such deck can exist at a time (although whether that applies to all planes or the material plane only is questionable). The rogue Kestral likely chanced upon one during the Lost’s journey to Nemacris, but left it lie upon seeing the distrust held of it by his magically experienced companion, Nylo Cloudspice. The Deck, or perhaps a copy of it, later found its way to the party anyway, in the town of Spellscale.

Upon being offered a chance to draw from the deck, Kestral refused, distrusting it, both for a lack of proper understanding of the risk, and an innate suspicion borne from his earlier encounter. Thorman drew once (?) and got a keep. Catelyn drew several times and got a keep and a sunblade. Hubert drew several times and got several wishes, but lost his soul. Balidor drew a couple times and got some goods, then lost most of his possessions. He was offered the chance to draw again and took it, losing more things. Given another chance to walk away, he again refused and ultimately drew an “alignment change”—a drastic change in personality which, when coupled with a recently experienced trauma, caused him to abandon Pelor and seek guidance from Nerull instead.

The Deck (or one much like it) later appeared to Jhulaer, Balidor, and Thorman. Unlike before, this time, the group was required to draw, between them, ten cards. Balidor drew two and won a Holy Avenger and hardened skin for his gamble. [I’m not sure what the rest were because they were not documented. I know Jhulaer drew ‘The Unicorn’ but I do not remember the rest].

Deck of Many Things

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