The Tragedies of Erythnul

Five Days

Fear has Found Us

We advanced into the room. Inside there was a long table with silverware set for a meal. Against the wall was a minotaur hanging from the wall with stakes in his hands. We freed him and attempted to tend to his wounds. He said his name was Hagrrim and he could only remember darkness before his arriving here. I offered him to join us and perhaps find out whom or what brought him here. We advanced back into the common room and I made my way to the door at my left. Inside was a lone candle and from the next door a banshee attacked us. Its horrifying screech killed Caulkin and turned one of Fyord’s hands to pure ice without leaving a trace of magic. We attempted to revive Caulkin, but to no avail. Could my new wish alter events like this; replay events leading to one’s death? Whether it could or not, I decided to save it for another time. Fyord carried Caulkin’s body outside while Hagrrim had come across a bundle of cloth. The cloth began to move and from it appeared a decrepit hag. My only assumption was that this hag had to be Alice, Doran’s right hand, mentioned numerous times by Thorman and Balidor. I attempted to pry for information from her, but only discovered that she and Doran expect Erythnul to awaken five days from now, and that I play a central role somehow; the raven bathed in blood… She retreated back into the darkness. Without any desire to waste more time with her I threw my last vial of oil at her and ignited the fabric with a spark spell. No sound or movement came from the burning figure in the dark. When I returned into the main hall I observed Locklear aiming a drawn bow at me; he noticed my human self. Despite every ounce of my being wishing to take revenge for Alton’s death, I simply told him that we needed to set our differences aside for the time being. I also discovered that Irony is still alive, held in a mage prison in Tantalas. I advanced to the door with light coming from underneath. Inside there was a large window, a desk, and a man sitting behind it; Doran. I began to talk with the evil presence before me. Like Alice, he only responded with illogic. An intense pain began to flow through me, showing me… visions… fifty of Doran’s spawn charging out of an abbey door… Once I had regained control of my mind I stabbed the evil man through his head. Then just below us I heard the abbey doors slam open; the horde. I quickly ordered everyone to gather round me for our escape. A dark part of me considered leaving Locklear behind. Despite the fact he killed my friends and I could kill him now, he was protecting us and willing to fight against the same evil I seek to destroy. I teleported all of us out, not knowing where we’d end up. There’s only one thing I know for certain. Erythnul returns in five days. Five days could be all that I have left to live, but in those five days I will do anything I can to rid this world of Pain and Suffering.


Zassimick Austin_Vockrodt

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