The Tragedies of Erythnul

Progress for the Sake of Progress

Jhulaer De-Ath

I awoke after what felt like days, from the sleep that the still throbbing remainder of my leg demanded.

I am slow. Every move I make must be methodical and precise else I find myself on the floor again. Always having been light on my feet the loss of control unnerves me. Despite it, I pull myself up with the staff of my dead comrade, soaking the reminder. Entering the hallway of the airship it takes me little time to realize that we have landed. Noticing the door at the end of the hall is still open, I check on the remains of the copy of my “brother”. The corpse is still lying there, now beginning to stiffen. I raise the body off the ground with a telekinesis spell, and begin my slow trudge to the deck, the oddity of the copy in tow. Noticing again the burn marks on the body, the telltale marks remind me of my own sparking tendencies, and wonder if there is some connection to his appearance, and our old friend Raz. Reaching the deck I see two men. One standing on deck, covered in scars, and another near the trees, practicing some physical forms, neither are immediately recognizable, until the man on the deck turns, and despite the extreme changes in appearance, there is no doubt. Thorman has returned. Tossing the body off the ship and into the trees, Thorman and I speak of the past several days. Despite my fears of him in the past, which still linger in my mind, it is relieving to see a friendly face after losing so many.

The other man shortly joins us on the ship and after revealing that his name is Connick, he begins explaining to us that he is from another plane, and his task here is to sever all contact between his plane and this one. I don’t trust this man, and his choice in words often leave me feeling that he has much that he is not telling us, but as the conversation concludes, it becomes clear that we have no choice but to work with him in hopes of both benefiting from a temporary partnership.

We decide that we shall continue to Starspire, as Blood Raven had suggested, by way of teleportation, and upon arriving at the site of Blood Raven’s mother’s grave, we part ways with Connick, and head into town. After stopping into a strange bar, named “The Cock’s Nest” we quickly feel ill at ease with the odd bartender who appears to freshly be missing a thumb, and the many dark shadows, and before long, we find ourselves trapped by city guards who wish to take Blood Raven to his father. Surrendering, we find that it was likely for the best that we did not resist, considering the full company outside with archers on roofs at the ready. After arriving, Blood Raven enters a room to speak with his father privately, and upon his return to us, he urges that we must leave quickly, so we depart. We teleport to Velistirith, to the part of the city where the warforged aided us, and we begin to gather supplies and clothing in a business district. I seek out a construct leg, but have no luck in finding such craftsmanship in the city that houses the Dracos army, and this is not surprising. However, I notice an elf with a gun strapped to his waist, and upon inquiring, he reveals that he and his wife (Ramblin and Aralia) are in the business of transportation, and as the conversation continues I begin to believe that either he or his wife may be a mage. I am wary of a trap, but the potential of another magical ally and the opportunity of travel they provide leads me to set up a meeting with them and the rest of the group.

After finding a peg leg, and dealing with the odd woman who sold it, and her sick husband, “something was said of smelling like dead pigs, yet I didn’t understand”, we discuss with Blood Raven the information his father gave. We have gained the location of another mage prison, and have been offered the location of another, provided we look into the strange goings on of the king, we decide as a group that we will take a day to attempt to find out what Blood Raven’s father wishes to know, and then will depart with Ramblin for the city of Elaris in Baradur, to free the mages trapped there.


A note: “The Cock’s Nest” was originally named “The Cuckoo’s Nest” Pub & Inn, but upon the downfall of this city this small pub was run down and made into a haven for the sinister.

Progress for the Sake of Progress

Also of note: we learned of the rivalry between the Silverites and the Silvertons. One of the biggest mysteries of this campaign finally tied up.

Progress for the Sake of Progress
Zassimick Archonramas

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