Return to the Tragedy

Hope Release Faith Return

In the early 1200s, the world of Terra was plunged into the darkest era its people had ever seen. A zealot of one of the old gods turned on his church, beginning a war across the kingdoms and religions. But he should have known the price of evil, for he was stopped and had vanished. And then he returned four hundred years later.

Heroes from all over Terra banded together to stop this evil. They journeyed to hell and back tracking him and unraveling his plot. Many friends, allies, and family members died during this time, and the only thing that pushed our heroes forward was hope, hope that they would be enough to stop this threat. These adventurers overcame all of the failure and put a stop to the evil himself. But the corruption remained a part of Terra.

Two hundred years later, around 1820, reality appeared to crack for the people of Terra. Religions were shut down and mages were hunted and imprisoned. Family members pleaded for the release of their kin but were never reunited. The zealot’s actions had changed everything and although he did not seem to appear during this time, other powerful beings were rumored to have walked the lands during this time. It was said they were evil gods brought forth by the zealot as part of a greater plan. The heroes rose up again but were spread too thin between trying to stop the godlike beings and managing Terra in its broken state with the mages and military. It was too late when they found out that the gods were tools to the evil, and the zealot left the heroes broken.

The heroes persevered through the tragedies that lay before them. Their journey took them across the world and to other planes of existence, testing their faith countless times. In order to get to the zealot, they had to see explore his past and discover his plan: to summon his god onto the world. They stopped him once and for all a year later.

Now a peace has been felt for over 600 years. The zealot never returned but new hardships test the world, remnants of the evil are a stain that cannot be removed, a stain that continues to spread.

Has Terra reached its end?

This is a tale of…

…finding hope when there is none left.
…recovering from the pains of loss.
…realizing that release isn’t always the answer.
…overcoming the suffering dark times bring.
…holding onto faith when it seems everything is against you.
…struggling to adapt to the world around you.
…reveling in the return to something majestic.

The Tragedies of Erythnul

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