The World of Terra

The World

Terra is a world that has experienced many changes in recorded history.

Technology is at the front of the world and it pushes industry forward. The mage population, which never reached the heights it was at before their eradication in the 1600s, is declining. The human race is on the verge of extinction with around 2,000 living humans remaining after a sickness that has killed them off over the last 500 years. But under the rule of The Sovereign, there is relative peace amongst the kingdoms.

For information on each of the continents, including lists of the major cities, check out the following pages.

The Continents

The Oceans

  • Arctic Ocean
  • Bariff Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Eastern Ocean
  • Elaris Sea
  • Endless Sea
  • Great Western Ocean
  • Ivory Ocean
  • Sea of Fire
  • Sea of Moving Ice
  • Sea of Swords
  • Windsteed Ocean

The World of Terra

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