Return to the Tragedy

An all new epic in the world of Terra awaits!

Return is an all new campaign focused on telling a new story within the world of Terra. 600 years have passed since the Tragedies of Erythnul and the effects of that era are still felt in today’s society. Join us to experience the wonder and excitement of this world in an all-new campaign fraught with incredible dangers, memorable characters, and new villains.

Wiki Pages

House Rules
Character Creation
Cheat Sheet
Dungeons & Other Maps
World Calendar

The Party

Finnian Alastar
Norrund Isanæ
Vodarr Tallus

Non-Player Characters

Milo Hŏc
Tungsten McCorllo
U.R.S.A. – Utility Research & Support Android


Shadowdale, Lilinith’ri
Waterdeep, Lilinith’ri


Human Extinction

Return Soundtrack


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