Restore faith…

Faith, the third and final installment of the Tragedies of Erythnul trilogy.

And so the world shall declare the gods are gone forever. In those dark times I shall rise up and lead the world and it’s people. Pain and suffering shall lead the charge and bring my name back into the world, resurrecting my very being. The god of slaughter shall be reborn, rekindling the hope in people’s hearts and restoring faith in the gods. Restore faith in Erythnul.” – final passage in The Book of Erythnul

Faith Soundtrack


The Party


Other Characters

  • Aralia
  • Connick
  • De-ath the Blue Dragon
  • Edgar Mivroktu
  • Iorni
  • Ramblin
  • Reginald
  • Thomas the Thief
  • Vash Rikaz’Jo & Magria
  • Count Verimont Silverite
  • General Wesley Pollick

The Rulers

  • Dandin, King of Syskillia
  • Domrich, King of Torin
  • Gregor, King of Velistirith
  • Moonriver, Queen of Lilinith’ri


  • The Bouncing Sausage
  • Church of Pelor, Velisitirith
  • The Cock’s Nest
  • Dragon Docks of Starspire
  • Mage Prison of Karn
  • Spellscale Asylum


  • Elaris – Baradur
  • Karn – Torin
  • Porrel – Dracos
  • Starspire – Dracos
  • Velistirith – Dracos


  • The Storm
  • The Book of Erythnul
  • The World War


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