Bronze Dragon from the Fifth Fate


Epic level Bronze Dragon (no PC classes)


STR: 28
DEX: 11
CON: 32
INT: 20
WIS: 22
CHA: 20

HP: 385
AC: 35 (14 touch, 35 flat-footed)
DR 5/Magic
SR: 22

FORT: 29
REF: 13
WILL: 24

BAB: 22
Speed: 40 gnd\150 fly (poor)\60 swim


Thunder breath – ATT: +1d4+11, DAM: 72, Can either be a 60 ft. line (dc38 REF save for half) or 40 ft cone. (10 rnd repulsion effect, dc35 WILL negate)

Full Physical – Bite 16, 2d616; Claw 16, 2d81d6+19; 2x Wing 8, 2d617; Tail 8, 1d821


Concentration: 36
Diplomacy: 30
Disguise: 35
Intimidate: 41
Knowledge (Nature): 20
Perception: 42
Sense Motive: 19
Survival: 35
Swim: 27
Use Magic Device: 10

Feats and Abilities

Maximize+Heighten+Shape+Clinging Breath
Weapon Focus+Specialization+Improved Nat. Attack
Fast Healing 3
Ability Focus: Breath, Frightful Presence
Water breathing
Speak with Animals
Darkvision 120’
Create Food and Water (at will)
Fog Cloud
Frightful Presence (DC27)

Magical Augmentations

Eye of True Sight
Liquid Metal Arm (can change into any non-complex shape, including various weapons)
As a blade, has the following properties (all at-will):
-shocking burst
-stunning surge


LIttle is known of his hatching, but he spent most of his earliest years in a sanctuary run by an old man named Kullivae, with a number of other young dragons and many other beings of other races. Growing up as a dragon among humans, Travaan quickly realized that he and his brethren were stronger and more capable than the other races. And although the others grew much more quickly, it seemed like they never quite reached their potential, mentally and certainly not physically. However in spite of this, he was rather fond of them, as most of the people he encountered at the sanctuary were kind-hearted and friendly. He resolved that it was the duty of himself and his fellow dragons to use their superior capabilities to care for what he saw as the lesser races, much like they had been cared for as hatchlings.

Upon leaving the sanctuary for the first time, Travaan tried to befriend a people of a distant village. Unfortunately, being unaccustomed to dragons, save the faerie tales told to their children, the villagers feared and reviled him. After several more attempts, of varying degrees of similar reactions, Travaan realized that his kind were mostly misunderstood, and decided that only a small handful of mortal beings were properly capable of civilization. He decided that if he couldn’t guide humans by befriending them, perhaps he could use their fear to guide them as a god.

Eventually, Travaan found a rather isolated tribe of people in a distant wildlands, far away from modern life. Using some basic magic and extensive natural knowledge, he was able to establish himself as a benevolent deity, sending them messages indirectly, and being seen as little as possible. As he perfected these tricks he expanded his influence to other small tribes, furthering his reputation among the most isolated regions of the world, as the dragon god.

At this same time, he began dabbling in artificing and other magical research. He figured, if dragons were so superior to men by means of being magical, then surely there was a way to transcend the power of even other dragons through further magic. He managed to develop a working prototype for a magical metamaterial that could bond physically and mentally with its host and take shape based on the host’s desire. In his hubris, he rashly severed his own right arm, replacing it with the prototype material. Luck was on his side, and the graft took, which only emboldened him, but, perhaps fortunately, he was unable to replicate the material correctly.

After some time playing god, he was drawn into a complex political situation involving war between dragons, elves and humans, alongside several of his long-time companions from the sanctuary. Seeing how harsh and bloodthirsty some of his brethren could be with regard to humans, Travaan began to reconsider his view that dragons as a whole were a superior species. After the war was averted, he attempted to go back to playing god, but found he had somewhat lost his taste for it, at least in the “show of power” sense. He decided to change his tactics, and attempt to not just command humans, but teach them, actively, to better themselves, the way he had done for himself.

Travaan is arrogant and at times oblivious to things he considers unimportant, but he means well and cares deeply for all sentient beings. He has no stomach for tyranny, cruelty, or unnecessary violence. While not particularly book-smart, he has an innate understanding of practical magic and mechanics and is very clever with tools. While he by no means invented artificing, he has developed a number of unique techniques over the years, particularly with regard to the physical grafting of mechanical and/or magical contraptions to living tissue and is renowned in underground circles as a leading expert in the craft (although he only ever teaches under a human guise, which he cycles every 60 years or so).


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