Rogue, murdered by Jho


Young half-elf rogue, son of a murdered mage, product of an abusive childhood. Jack of all trades, master of disguise, thief, Savior of Pannen. Murdered in cold blood. Brought back by Dorin for revenge, killed again.


Mosin – Half Elf Chaotic Neutral

Rogue Age – 39

Agnostic – Oriented toward Olidammara if anything.

Mother: Elandra Elf 93

Father: Pannen (Deceased) Human

Siblings: Bolek (Male Elf) 46, Admiren 44 (Male Elf), Eva (Female Half-Elf 38)

Elandra had her first two sons Bolek and Admiren with father Badhron (elf) the blacksmith. Badhron was killed 2 years after Admiren’s birth later in Orc raid. Elandra was forced to become a prostitute at a trading post to feed her sons. After 3 years, she met Pannen, a human merchant. She and her sons joined him on the road. She shortly thereafter, Mosin was born, followed by Eva about one year later.

As he grew older, Mosin and Eva were extremely close. Bolek often acted as a protector for them from anyone who teased or dispised them for their mixed race, including protecting them from Admiren, who could be uncommonly cruel to them, often taking advantage of them.

Bolek and Admiren acted as repairmen for the caravan, and did many of the common chores. Eva took care of the animals of the caravan, (both livestock and horses) and had a affinity and attraction to nature, and loved her pet raven Halen. She often foraged plant life and alchemical ingredients for merchants.

Mosin knew nothing but life on the road for his first 24 years. He worked for his father and learned the skills of a merchant, and grew confident in conversation and bartering like his father.

From his brothers he learned basic combat. His brothers were much larger than he was, and used a bowstaff and mace. Mosin resorted to mostly defending himself with a shield and attempting quick silent attacks with a dagger.

Roughly when Mosin was 28 the caravan they traveled with, was waiting outside the city gates of a medium sized city named (_________________) the lead cart driver was speaking to a pair of guards who were on a ledge atop the wall when one guard lost his footing. Without thinking, Pannen stood up and moved his hand sharply in the direction of the guard, who’s descent slowed considerably and the guard landed softly on the ground. The hair on Mosin’s neck stood straight. He felt the presence of a power in the air that he’d never felt before. Quickly a crowd gathered, and soon it was discovered that a pair of returning hunters had witnessed Pannen’s act.

It was the first time Mosin had seen his father use magic, and 3 days later, after deliberations by the townspeople, he watched as his father was executed for being a sorcerer, a secret he had kept his entire life.

The next day Eva disappeared. She was last seen weeping and walking into the forrest. She left a brief note expressing her love for the family, but stating that she could not stand to be around people for quite some time. (It is possible, but not certain, that she may be a druid.) There was a belief among speculators that Eva had been the thief/assailant, but any who had met her quickly dismissed this thought.

Elandra made the decision for the family to leave immediately for a small town far enough away that the events that had transpired would not follow them. The town was one they knew of and had been to many times, and had always been Pannen’s ideal place to settle and open shop permanently.

Mosin stayed behind and told his family he was going to search the forest for Eva, yet on the first night he had darker plans. That night, Mosin snuck into and robbed the homes of the Head Guard of the city, the executioner and the leader of the merchant guild in the city; all of whom had played a large part in his father’s death. The head guard had said nothing in his father’s defense, despite the fact that his own underling’s life had been saved and the executioner carried out the sentence. However, it was the leader of the merchant guild who Mosin hated the most. He saw the events as a chance to remove a serious competitor, and it was his actions that pushed the townspeople to call for execution.
Mosin robbed him, and after binding him in his sleep, blindfolded him, and cut out his tongue.

Over the next two weeks, Mosin did search the surrounding forests but found no trace, except for the occasional raven feather. He sadly left to meet his mother and brothers, who had set up shop and seemed to be doing fair, yet he could soon tell that he was no longer needed, and would only place further burden on the family and he left.

Over the next ten years, Mosin wandered, moving from city to city, perfecting his ability as a thief, pickpocket, and cutpurse, as well as learning how to disguise himself and move unseen when he was in danger of being caught. All the while, looking and listening for a whisper of Eva, yet he heard nothing. Most of this time he worked alone, but for nearly two years he worked with a friend, a Halfling named Dax Gaffit, and times were good while they ran more complex heists. Dax became Mosin’s closest friend since Eva left, and it was only when Dax learned of a long-term potential heist that would require him to act alone, that the two parted.

Recently, (two years after splitting up with Dax), Mosin had been crossing the (Asian continent) area posing as a monk and traveling when he came upon an oracle. The oracle knew a great deal about Mosin, including Eva’s name, and the story of his father’s death. When pressed, the oracle, a wrinkled old gnome woman, agreed to give him a prophecy. Hoping that the prophecy could lead him to his sister, Mosin gladly paid the fee. The gnomes eyes rolled back into her head, and her voice shifted from the high warble to a deep smooth snarl. As soon as she spoke, the hair on the back of his neck stood up in the same way it had years ago, and felt the same familiar tingle in the air.

“For many years you’ve sought the wealth.”

“For many years you’ve searched.”

“For many years you’ve served yourself.”

“For many years, you’ve hurt.”

“Now many of your years are gone.”

“Now fewer still remain.”

“In coming times there shall be these:”

“The lives you’ll take and save.”

“A shield to bear, a heavy price.”

“Your path ahead, your sacrifice.”

Mosin left shortly thereafter, and when he woke the next morning, he began heading south, not entirely sure why, but feeling that it was the direction he needed to go.


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