The villainous puppet master who led cults against his own church as a vessel of Erythnul.


Within The Tragedies of Erythnul, Doran is a frail old man with scarred skin. His wrinkles add a worn and tired look to his appearance and his lack of hair attributes to the sickly air he carries. He is blind in both eyes, the pupils clouded yet always watching. His long, thin fingers carry a dagger he carries with him at all times and his robes are tattered and poor.


“A simple feather was all it took. My eyes engaged on the white plume as it fell like a tear down a woman’s cheek. It glowed in the moonlight, floating back and forth down to the ground.
And then the blood came.” – Doran

Doran started his life with no memory of who he was. He was twenty years old when he ended up on the doorstep of The Church of Erythnul, brought there by a man named Thorman who soon disappeared. The Church gave Doran the title of their “Abandoned” in hopes of good fortune being brought upon them. Fifty years later and Doran hadn’t aged a day but he had grown tired with the Church’s ways. When a new individual came claiming the title of “The Abandoned” Doran had fled with a small group aiming to carry out Erythnul’s true ways.

His journey carried him all across the world, building his cult together. Attacks were made against the Church of Erythnul and soon against the Church of Pelor who stepped in to aid. Doran went into hiding under the alias “Silas” and wa splaced in a prison for some time. He was released by a man called Mr. Keep who grouped him with some individuals: Lord Vonerost the vampire, Totem the minotaur, Darian the rakshasa, and Marcos the living-dead. This group made an agreement with Mr. Keep on an Oathstone to help restore balance in an upcoming war.

Flash forward four-hundred years. Doran has come back after a disappearance and has revealed a plan to destroy all existence through a spell called “The Storm.” By manipulating The Brigade of Hats, Doran was able to get the spell underway, albeit in a chaotic state, and it began to destroy planes of existence. Much of this was ran through a demi-plane he created for himself called “The Orchard of Mines;” this demi-plane also held hundreds of copies of the villain, waiting to be released onto the planes that were not destroyed.

A group who called themselves “The Lost” rose up to stop Doran’s plan and effectively collapse The Orchard of Mines on itself. The Lost was able to stop The Storm by reaching the focal point which stopped Doran’s plans.

In the span of two-hundreds years Doran had brought together all the elements required in bringing back ancient anti-gods called “Abhorrents.” Legends said they had killed gods and destroyed life, a power that Doran desired. They were his puppets, though in a display of power the leader of the Abhorrents, Zassimick, killed one of Doran’s copies. Doran watched from the sidelines as the Abhorrents plunged the world into war and pursued the gods to murder them. The anti-gods were being weakened by a group that held ties to The Lost, but none of it mattered. By the time the heroes were going to stop the Abhorrents it was too late: a parasite in each of the Abhorrents had consumed enough energy so that it could change each of them into another copy of Doran. In a climactic battle, the unawakened Pelor fought against two Doran’s in the wake of a collapsing Spellscale Asylum but was unable to overcome the evil. Doran killed the god Pelor and continued moving forward in his plans.


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