The Tragedies of Erythnul

Crossing Farewells

The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn

Blood Raven

Three of my companions are dead, and we fly away from the dreadful sight of their graves. We will never get to bury them, Reginald and Irony’s bodies will most likely be burned like the millions of other magic users before them. Alton’s body will be scavenged upon by sea dwellers, a distasteful resting place for a king. Upon our leave I notice Tetronys’s petrified body missing, likely released from the spell after Locklear’s anti-magic arrow had entered Jhulaer’s now amputated leg. After our losses, I can barely contain myself when trying to direct our way to safety. We head for my hometown of Starspire in hope of discovering the locations of other mage prisons.

Just when I think I have time to grieve for my friends, I spot a black dragon heading our way. I command Edgar to turn the ship around after Jhulaer and Vash take to the skies to face off our potential enemy. In the distance I see the dragon come to a slow and Jhulaer begins to converse with its hooded rider in a language I am unfamiliar with. She eventually tells me that the man riding the black dragon is her brother, who she holds little trust for. I tell her that so long as he is on our ship I will not sheathe my blade. I introduce myself to Zaknagloth and closely watch he and Jhulaer converse in an argument that I cannot understand.

Eventually Jhulaer tells me that she and her brother have settled on their confrontation and he will be of our assistance. I take over the helm for Edgar and begin flying our ship further to land, which we reach after a few hours. I thought I could hear some light sobbing below deck, and couldn’t help but let a few of my own tears dampen my mask.

I land us close to a wooded area and take time to look for food and possibly a staff for Jhulaer. Though we cannot waste time, we must pay our respects for our friends in order to truly say goodbye. While I search through the woods I come across Edgar chopping at a tree with his axe. He tells me that he wants to leave graves for our fallen and I assist him. We make three crosses on which I engrave Reginald, Alton, and Iorni’s names. Edgar tells me he no longer has a place with us and feels that we are a cursed group where death is inevitable among friends. He has lost his hope in us, and has decided to turn to his faith in Erythnul. Edgar walks away through the woods on a new path, taking a similar road that Balidor took. A road I couldn’t risk. He had requested of me that I light the three crosses aflame at night. I head back to the ship and begin helping on the ships repairs and inform the others of Edgar’s leave and request.

At night we venture back into the woods and pay our respects. I pour oil over the crosses and Jhulaer lights them after we have spoken our words of wisdom. Jhulaer then took and iron piece and began to cauterize her own wound with the fire of our friends. We begin to take leave when a voice from behind greets us eerily. What I see is an elf with a mechanical device covering his eyes. Opposite of this elf appears another who has gems in each of his hands, referred to as Pain. Pain states that they have come because they were told we were planning on stopping them, despite the fact we have never seen or heard of them before. He wants to play a game and freezes all of us except for Vash in our places. He gives Vash the choice to kill Zaknagloth or Magria. If Vash should refuse, he threatens to kill both Zaknagloth and Magria.

With every bit of myself, I struggle to break free and stab the eyes of Suffering, but I am helpless to await Vash’s decision. I watch as Vash plainly states, “I want to kill Magria.” Pain holds his hand up toward the giant transparent cat, and it vanishes into thin air, as he demonstrated on Alton’s cross. Without much else said, the two elves vanish and we are released. Vash immediately begins a ritual to bring Magria back to him, but to no end. Jhulaer and I exchange looks of helplessness, not knowing how to ease Vash’s loss.


Zassimick Archonramas

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